10 Reasons Why Homeschooling ASD Kids Rocks

We homeschool our kids. We have always homeschooled our kids. I’m in several facebook groups and I hear the struggles of special needs kids in public schools. I honestly don’t know how they do it; I have a lot of awe for those Advocates of their children. Our life is much easier and laid back. Here’s some ways how:

  1. Mornings. I’m not a morning person. My kids are happy morning people; as long as they wake up on their own. Waking them up early to go to the rare early morning event is never great, and makes the whole day harder. Homeschool means no early mornings with a rush out the door with the added panic of potential lateness. We start when they’re fully rested, and not in a rush. Bliss.
  2. Homeschool is more time efficient. School takes less time, is less stress and sensory overwhelm, and there is no letdown meltdown afterwards.
  3. Flexibility/Individualization. My boys do better doing certain subjects at certain times in a certain order. Because we’re homeschooling, we can do their optimum schedule. You can’t change the public school’s schedule to be the best fit for your kid, and have all the other kids go along with it.
  4. You can take as much time or as little time as you need to eat lunch. Also, we have more food options and can easily accommodate food texture sensitivities.
  5. Transition issues? What transition issues? We’re at home, in their comfort zone. Moving from doing school at the study table in our home library (converted living room) to the dining room for lunch or to the dining room for a messy project is no problem.
  6. The Dress Code. “Causal Friday” more like “pants are bothering Early Bird today so he’s just wearing a long shirt” Day. I get to wear my shirts inside out so the seams don’t bother me and the kids neither notice nor care if I’m wearing a female torture device or not. (Spoiler, I’m not.)
  7. Sensory breaks and meltdowns are handled appropriately by someone who loves them. No having to convince the teacher of the necessity of sensory breaks. No being locked in a padded room when they’ve lost their ability to function in their environment.
  8. No bullying. Not from other kids, not from adults.
  9. Accommodations are natural and a matter of course. Builder Boy needs a slant board? We get the slant board and we use it. Early Bird needs to spell his spelling test words out loud to write them down? No problem! In fact, we were accommodating and adjusting so well that we didn’t even realize the boys are on the spectrum until after Lady Bug was identified! Which also means…….
  10. No IEP meetings! No fighting the school system, no being told what they won’t do for my kids, no need for legal advocates or calling the local media in on a school district that refuses to provide free and appropriate education.

Bonus reason: we go year ’round so there is no school’s off schedule breakdown and no back to school anxiety!

Did I forget something? If you homeschool spectrum kids, what do you love about it?

And if you like homeschooling, check out my old homeschooling blog, Sceleratus Classical Academy, with a look at what we’ve done and what we struggled with before we figured out the autism aspect of our lives.

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  1. I decided to homeschool my 12yo autistic daughter last year and it was the best decision I made. Her anxiety went down, no more afterschool meltdowns, her phobias almost disappeared and nobody is laughing at her. I started homeschooling her 10yo sister this year too.

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