Test for Neurotypicality

[Image of a black and white crowd with red “Test for Neurotypicallity” is intended to be a satire of doom and gloom posts about tests for autism.]

I was scrolling through all my “Saved” links on Facebook when I was reminded of this link. It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it tests for “neruotypicality” (which I’ve been starting to think is actually a myth, but more about that some other time.) I shared it on my private facebook wall and was shocked that almost none of my friends got the neurotypical score. Okay, so, yes, it makes sense that the type of people who like me are unusual, and the majority of them are neurologically different in one way or another. But some of them had been wondering if they were on the spectrum, and this little test made them want to know more.

One year ago tomorrow, I published my “I Think I May Be Autistic: Now What?” post. Since then over 1,000 people have clicked on the link to the online RDOS. Allowing that people who click are probably more likely to have reason to suspect they’re on the spectrum than the general population, and figure only 10% of those people who clicked actually took the quiz and got an affirmative result, that’s 100 people who didn’t know they were autistic but now do. That’s amazing. That’s awesome! That’s one of the reasons why I do this.

You may have friends who don’t know they’re on the spectrum, who may not think to take the RDOS. Share the Neurotypicality Test instead and someone might just learn something new!

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