“Okay, repeat song!”

Autistic person in an autistic community group online: “Is it okay if I listen to the same song over and over? It makes me happy, but I don’t know if it’s okay to do it.”

This right here is why we need autism acceptance. Autistic kids and adults with their own instincts so overridden by what we’re “supposed” to do and “don’t be weird” and “act normal” that they need reassurance to do what makes them feel happy.

Lady Bug got attached to Baby Shark. It was my own fault for introducing it to her. She listened to it over and over for weeks. Yes, we got sick of it, and there was much complaining from a tween brother. But we did it because it made her so bouncy happy.

Now it’s “Also Sprach Zarathustra:Intro” aka that song from Space Odyssey : 2001 aka “Moon-Stars” as Lady Bug calls it. It makes her so happy she dances to it. The joy that lights up on her face is wonderful. It’s a healthy way to stim; why would that be considered bad?

NTs (non-autistics aka “normal”) listen to the same songs over and over. What else do you call playlists? They do it to change their mood. Of course it’s okay.

But with Autism Conversion Therapy aka ABA, there are a lot of adults out there who need a kind of permission to do what’s best for them. That sucks.

Thanks to her desire to music stim, Lady Bug has a new script she learned from us requesting the Echo Dot to play it again: “Okay, repeat song!” (Lady Bug says “okay” before requests.)

If you’re reading this and you still need the permission to repeat listen to a song, or a movie, or read the same book over and over and over again; consider this your permission.

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