To help me infuse more emotion into my writing, I started searching around the internet for information on body language. But I also noticed some other things that I picked up on in my earlier searches: things that are natural for autistics are often listed as expressions of negative emotions.

Lining Things Up

Google the phrase "lining things up" and you get scary results with words like "red flag" and "inappropriate play." Why is this so threatening?

The Great Divide is an Illusion

There is a commonly held belief among a portion of the Autism Community (that being the neurotypical/allistic/non-autistic parents of autistic kids) that insist that Asperger's should never have been included with Autism in the newest DSM.

The Prodigy and the Non-Prodigy

Consider if you will two musicians. One has a natural prodigy talent, the other does not. The Prodigy can pick up the violin and play a new piece of music perfectly the first time. The Non-Prodigy practices for hours and hours on the one piece, hundreds of repetitions, until the piece is played correctly. Then... Continue Reading →

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